5 Best Indoor Terrier Breeds For Your Home

There are so many perks when your furry friend's natural habitat is well...your own home. Indoor dogs can be mistaken as spoiled and completely incapable of playing in the outdoors. However, this is so far from the truth as dogs like these are more often than not highly self-aware and extremely loyal.

Not only that but they are also known to be very protective and emotionally attuned to the needs of their owners. This is also the reason why indoor dogs act as a safety cushion for people that need immediate comfort during anxiety attacks and mood disorders. In fact, according to a survey by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) 74% of pet owners reported mental health improvements from pet ownership.

If that reason ain't enough to convince you, we're going to share 5 best indoor terrier breeds!

Airedale Terrier

This breed is popularly known as the King of Terriers because of their athletic agility and protective nature towards their owners. While they may be considered as royalty they actually originated from the working class of England and bred to hunt rodents and other vermin. They are also "enlisted" by the police at a time because of their alertness and active inclinations.

Consequently, Airedale Terriers are also highly tolerant and patient with children making them both good playmates and dependable protectors. They are easygoing and love to play so you'll definitely enjoy your time with these athletic studs!

Australian Terrier

This little furball is probably one of the famous terrier breeds that exhibited their charm and prowess in Australian dog shows. What's more is that their dog coat is quite low maintenance because of its waterproof nature. There won't definitely be much shedding problems to address with them. Alongside this, Australian terriers are naturally affectionate to their owners but also self-assured and spirited! Don't be fooled by their size!

Silky Terrier

Silky terriers are undoubtedly divas what with their elegant and silky dog coat. While this might be pretty high maintenance especially that their smooth coat should be regularly brushed and bathed, they are definitely worth the love. Silky terriers are well known for their friendliness and optimistic demeanor.

Like every other terrier breeds, they are eager to please their owner by showering them will all of their affection. Alongside this, they are great companion dogs for your children!

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies as they are commonly known, are toy dog breeds which makes them for city living whether it be in suburbans or condominiums. They are also known for their fierceness making them suitable watchdogs! Their size definitely could fool any bystander. While they can be seen as delicate this terrier breed is also very feisty and quite entertaining with their antics!

Boston Terrier

Last but not least is the American Gentleman. Boston terriers are complete sweethearts and one of the most social breeds of them all. While they may look on the rough side, they are in fact very affectionate with their owners and just love cuddling at home. Like the Airedale terrier, they are also highly tolerant of kids and are perfectly okay when their personal space is invaded.

Boston terrier's temperament is often described as funny especially with all the sounds they produce. From excessive snoring, weird gurglings, and "occasional" farting, you'll definitely be surprised with how loud and bright this terrier breed can make your home.

Terrier breeds are the perfect indoor dog you'll ever need. Their temperament is generally attuned to the emotional needs of their "parents" and is also patient with your kids. Without question, these dogs will surely liven up your home no matter how small or large it is.

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