4 Unique Boston Terrier Mixes You'll Surely Love

Boston terriers are considered to be one of the most popular breeds because of their gregarious and highly affectionate personality. It's also no surprise that the Boston terrier's temperament is a perfect fit for your family especially with the way they interact with your kids! You might be asking, "if they're so great, then why should I look for a Boston Terrier mix?".

It's kind of funny because Boston Terriers are originally a breed of the now extinct, English White Terrier, and the English Bulldog but they now have become a longstanding purebred. The topic of mixing had only risen because of existing Boston terrier health issues. Breeders have discovered that by mixing breeds, there is a high possibility that some of the health issues from a specific breed can be eliminated as explained in the science of hybrid vigor.

Another aspect in breeding Boston Terrier mixes is the prospect of continuing the lineage of their amazing personality (although they can be pretty stubborn sometimes!) and most breeders recognize how valuable and appealing this is when they become future family dogs.

With that said, here are 4 unique Boston Terrier mixes that you'll surely love!

Boston Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel

This is easily one of the most unique and popular mixes and it is a cross between the Boston Terrier and Cocker Spaniel. Like the Boston Terrier's temperament, they are usually socially active and craves a lot of attention. They weigh from 10 - 28 pounds and have a typical lifespan of 10 - 14 years. Their inherited looks are usually from the Cocker Spaniel as they also have droopy ears but like their Boston Terrier parent, they will also don the American tuxedo for life!

They can be great guard dogs as they are extremely vocal and more often than not they will experience some separation anxiety when left at home! With this in mind, Boston Spaniels are perfect for larger families where they can be given attention by a lot of family members even if for just a short time.

Boston Spaniels are great family dogs and highly enjoy playing with everyone even with other pets in the house and troublesome kids! They are naturally intelligent yet emotional dogs which is why it's important to note that you should be gentle during their training. Boston Spaniels love to spend their time with you and on top of that, they are extremely loyal. You could never go wrong with these cute furballs!


Cairn Terrier

This breed is a mix between two terrier breeds: the Cairn Terrier and Boston Terrier! Cairn terriers originated from Scotland way back in the 1600s and they are popularly known in The Wizard of Oz movie as Toto is played by this breed. According to AKC, these dogs were originally alert, cheerful, and busy dogs that love playing in the outdoors.

Both Cairn and Boston terriers are well known for their affectionate demeanor and this is amplified in the Cairoston as well. They are intelligent dogs and while they may not exhibit inappropriate aggression towards other people, they will still be wary. Alongside this, they can be social with kids and other pets as well, though this differs by the kind of pet you have! As they are "earth dogs" they can be friendly with your cat and other dogs but they sure won't be that friendly to your little hamster.

Their appearance is affected by the parent who has the dominant genes but more often than not, they have a well balanced sturdy body and usually won't inherit the flat face of the Boston terrier which is often the cause of their respiratory problems but this varies as well. Cairostons also adopted the Cairn terriers coat which makes them in the shaggier but adorable side!


Jack Russel

This is also another terrier breed one that mixes Boston Terriers and Jack Russel Terriers. They weigh from 10-20 pounds and have a lifespan of 12-15 years. This breed combines the spunk and energy usually found in Jack Russels but also have the gentle and highly social temperament of Boston Terriers. All in all, this breed is like compressed energy ready to zoom their way to fun-filled activities.

Bojack's also don the American tuxedo but in varying colors like cream, brown, white, or gold! The great thing about them as well is that they have short coats making it easier for maintenance and they are also adaptable to different kinds of weather. Their coat is waterproof and they can do well in cool temperatures. However, as a rule of thumb, you should make sure that your Bojack's environment is generally moderate.

This breed is known for their obedience making it easier in training and they are also extremely loyal. While they may have a gentle demeanor, they don't really do well with little kids poking fun with them and they aren't so great with other pets as well. If you're gonna get this breed, make sure that you'll give them your undivided attention!



Another adorable mixed breed is the Boston Terrier and Pug! These lovely little furballs are also one of the most popular designer dogs out there and they are perfect for almost everyone especially first-time dog owners. More often than not, this is an ideal mix breed because it exhibits 50-50 of the features of each parent. They usually weigh 15-25 pounds and have a lifespan of 10-13 years. They have droopy short ears, compact and a sturdy build, as well as a short coat which makes them low maintenance.

These dogs are easy to train but can have a stubborn streak inherited from their Boston terrier parent! However, they can easily get instructions, you just have to make sure you'll give them a firm but affectionate training especially that they're also very emotional. You'll definitely see it in their expressive faces!

Buggs' love language definitely is physical touch because they just can't help but cuddle you all the time. Their compact bodies make them the perfect dog if you live in a small apartment or condo building. Buggs are the perfect companion for you because, like their two parents, they will give you all the affection in the world!

There are in fact more than 20 Boston terrier mix breeds and there are a lot of them to choose from! While the goal of this breeding may be focused on eliminating Boston terrier health issues, it is also another way for breeders to pass on their affectionate temperament. Boston terriers are lovable and will no doubt give you lots of attention. Make sure to check out this article on other terrier breeds that may be perfect for your lifestyle.

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