3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Mini Boston Terriers

If you find this breed as one of the cutest out there, just wait until you see mini Boston Terriers.

Yes, just when we thought that they could not get any tinier, we will learn that this small breed even goes with a miniaturized version called the Teacup Boston Terrier.

Do you know what it means when you own one? It’s like having a puppy that never grows up and it will seem so magical.

They’ll even take up less space and will be more manageable than the larger dogs! Sounds appealing, right?

However, don’t you wonder where they come from or if they could be any more different than the original breed itself? Is there a downside to having an adorable Teacup version of the American Gentleman in your home?

That’s what we’re going to tell you, so let’s get straight to the point.

Here are three reasons why you should not buy mini Boston Terriers:


If your sole reason of buying the Teacup version of the Boston Terrier is just for the aesthetics, then you are really putting not just yourself, but also the puppy that you are about to buy in trouble.

As a responsible dog owner, you should know first how a mini Boston Terrier came into existence.

Ways of Achieving Miniaturization

There are essentially three breeding techniques that are used to create these mini Boston Terriers. And yes, each one of them has its own inherent problems and some questionable breeding practices. Let’s know more about them.

MIXING WITH A SMALLER BREED- one of the ways is to mix the standard Boston Terrier breed with another small dog breed.

The Frenchton (Boston Terrier French Bulldog Mix), Bugg(Boston Terrier Pug Mix), and Bochi (Boston Terrier Chihuahua Mix) are just a few examples.

These puppies may inherit more traits from one of their parents though and sometimes, they may not possess any features of the Boston Terrier.

Worse, there is the possibility that the health issues which are already seen on the original breed itself will be even more conspicuous in these tiny puppies.

INTRODUCING THE DWARFISM GENE- instead of shrinking the whole animal’s body, this method will let the dwarfism gene produce legs that are short like the Dachshunds’’ or Corgis’.

As the dog lowers to the ground, it will give the impression that they are smaller. But of course, this is not a desirable technique as it can cause Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD).

BREEDING FROM RUNTS- there are also times that the breeders sell the runts of a litter as a mini Boston Terrier.

This is a good way since the unique qualities of a Boston are retained, but remember that runts are small and often weak.

These poor little pups will grow slowly because they will be struggling against the bigger siblings when it’s feeding time, so they will also miss out if the vital antibodies that’ll set up their immune system.

As you can see, these techniques in order to produce a small and cute version of a dog all have their disadvantages.

That is why you shouldn’t buy a mini Boston Terrier if its purpose is to keep your house looking lively or for you to have something to show off to friends. Because it’s more than that.

There are too many potential Boston Terrier health issues that go with creating a miniature dog that suffers from Brachycephaly.

There is simply no way to miniaturize any dog without taking a big risk on its wellness, so not buying it also means that you do not support this kind of breeding that is not even approved by the American Kennel Club.


Just by looking at them, it can already be imagined how fragile they are. They need much care when exercising.

There are also twenty eye problems that are associated with them so you must be attentive and take them to the vet even if there are just minor symptoms that can be seen.

Also, because they are a mix of different breeds or because they have achondroplasia, a disorder in which their bones do not grow to the normal size caused by the Dwarfism gene, they will have fragile bones, congenital defects, and organ failure.

If you are an absentminded owner, there’s no wonder if you will forget that you have them since they are too small, so you may tread or even sit on them.

They are at risk of serious injury, or worse. They are also dogs with low sugar levels. So, having a preoccupied owner may be the cause of their death because if you’ll just miss to give them one meal, they will have a seizure.

That will be a scary and sad experience.

But then, if you know that you have gentle hands and you can look after them all the time, why not?


Some may scoff at this and say that this is a shallow reason, but it is not.

It is really essential that your home or wherever you will bring them has air conditioning because they will be at the risk of overheating and they would need to stay cool all the time.

For these dogs, the risk starts at 23ºC (75ºK) and 29ºC (85ºK) can be dangerous. After that, 32ºC (90ºK) and above is considered potentially life-threatening.

Just like the normal breed, they have short noses that are unable to cool or heat air as they breathe to help regulate their temperature, so the outdoors is also not the best place.

Once again, the air conditioner will keep them in good company.

Before you buy or ask a breeder to create a Boston Terrier for you, ask yourself first the purpose why you badly want one.

Remember that the term “teacup” just means that they are smaller and nothing more.

You may even pay a significantly higher price for them because it contributes to the illusion set by the sellers that they are more desirable and special.

Buying them also means that you are encouraging unscrupulous breeders in business because they will then continue to produce smaller and smaller puppies despite the effects of it on the poop pooch’s health.

If you really want to take care of one (remember: you must be as gentle as you can), don’t buy.

Save those that are already born and are left at the shelter. Just make sure that you will really give them the best that you can and not just leave them as decors to your home.

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