3 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Boston Terrier Puppies

Boston Terriers or the"American Gentleman" is a heaven-sent breed for us humans, and we truly don't deserve them! So you might be wondering why we'll be persuading you to not buy Boston Terrier puppies right?

It's no question that we love this breed so much! They're playful, very expressive, and highly affectionate after all. They're also considered as a highly popular breed ranking 21 out of 196 breeds as recorded by AKC.

But the truth is, not everyone can perfectly take care of this wonderful breed. Read on and find out why you should not buy Boston Terrier.

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Boston Terrier Puppies

You live alone and you don't have other pets

Since you're fairly new with Boston Terriers, you have to know first their temperament and if they fit with your current lifestyle. Boston Terriers are naturally playful and are quick to be attached to you!

You'll often see them tailing behind you and will demand playtime and cuddles. They will often invade your couch, or bed, or everywhere as long as you're there.

While Boston Terriers can be great for everyone, if you live alone and don't have any other pets they could play with, they might feel lonely at times. Of course, you won't always be able to give them your full attention right?

Maybe you work from home and you're often too busy. What happens if you have to run errands or go to other places? You probably will leave your dog behind at home but this will only aggravate and induce anxiety in them.

Boston Terriers love language will always be quality time and physical affection. They love receiving praise and validation from you and they're the sociable type.

When left on their own, they will be miserable due to their constant separation anxiety. Which is why it's advisable that you only buy a Boston Terrier if you have a large family that can give them diverse attention or other pets that they could interact with.

Before you buy Boston Terriers, you'll have to first be aware of their personalities!

Your home has few windows for natural ventilation

Another factor you have to consider is the condition of your home. Natural ventilation is a key factor because it helps in maintaining the balance of your Boston Terrier's body.

These dogs are in fact prone to overheating and if your space will only be having airconditioning, you might want to reconsider. You have to think, what happens if there will be a blackout? What happens if your airconditioning suddenly won't work?

It might seem pretty extreme but the Boston Terrier's health isn't just a light matter. You have to think through the first of their comforts and if you can provide for them especially with their health care.

When you buy Boston Terrier puppies, you should not expect that they will be able to adjust to your lifestyle easily. You have to assess their needs first and how it fits with your lifestyle.

We've also outlined in this guide how you can create a more conducive living space for your Boston Terrier. Remember, this will not only benefit them in the long run but also you!

You travel a lot and you usually don't bring your dog with you

Like the first point, Boston Terriers will feel a lot of separation anxiety if you leave them behind more often. Does your work require you to be outside your home for 8 hours or more? Do you travel a lot for vacations or business matters?

If that's the case then it only means that you don't have the time to be taking care of a dog in the first place! Of course, this can be completely okay if you have other family members at home.

But the point here is that, as the owner, you should be able to provide not only the physical needs of your Boston Terrier but also their emotional needs.

Boston Terriers are great indoor pets, they're active, playful, and very sociable with kids and even the elderly. They like to communicate may it be huffs and puffs or they will just look at you for hours with their expressive eyes!

They're the perfect gift but they won't always be right for you if your lifestyle is already fixed and don't have the space for them.

Keep these three reminders in mind all the time before you decide to buy Boston Terrier!

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