20 Baby Boston Terrier Pictures That Will Melt Your Heart

It's undeniable that no matter what the breed is, our hearts will forever be in a perpetual state of melting when our eyes are confronted with puppies! In fact, there is a science behind this cute factor that all of just seem to fall for.

According to an article by The New York Times, the "cute factor" is incredibly low for us humans and some of the cues from dogs that just makes us squeal with glee are the following: "expanding assortment of features and behaviors that make something look cute: bright forward-facing eyes set low on a big round face, a pair of big round ears, floppy limbs, and a side-to-side, teeter-totter gait, among many others."

Baby Boston Terriers are not an exception as well as they are nothing but perfectly cute and cuddly.

While one might initially wish that they never grow up, their temperament will actually be nothing short but the same and even more playful! This breed will forever be young at heart but can also be greatly reliable and loyal to you.

Here are 25 pictures of baby Boston terriers that can definitely convince you to adopt or buy one so that you can experience firsthand the cuteness they exude!

Boston Terriers as Gift Packages

Honestly, who wouldn't want Boston Terriers as gifts no matter what the celebration is right? Just look at them so snug in those pretty baskets! According to AKC the Boston Terrier breed ranked 21 out of 196 dogs in popularity making them one of the most sought after indoor dogs in the US.

It's also no secret that flowers just look good with these little cuties! And just look at those huge bubbly Boston terrier eyes, they just seem to call you!

Boston Terriers would also be a perfect Valentine's gift for your special someone and not only are they gonna enjoy the company of this fluffy one, but your Boston Terrier might just steal your girl/man because of their wily charms! The Boston terrier's temperament after all often described as very affectionate to their owners!

Boston Terriers in Blue

Did you know that the first breed in the widely popular Blue's Clues is also from the Terrier family? We're not gonna lie, we're pretty biased with Boston Terriers and they definitely look pretty great for a cartoon show!

Did you also know that there are blue Boston Terriers existing? They're not necessarily blue in color but they have a bluish hue that borders to gray. They're also pretty rare breeds of the Boston Terrier and other than their color, they are still very adorable!

Boston Terriers Frolicking In The Field

As opposed to popular belief, Boston Terriers enjoy the outdoors as well! They may be great indoor dogs but their extroverted nature really pumps them up to frolic in the field! Just look at how cute and completely content they are!

This little one can't even help but roll around and just feel the grass!

While Boston terriers might seem like they just won't stop playing in the field or in your lawn, make sure that they don't get too excited! They are prone to overheating and their friendly demeanor often makes these play hours quite long sometimes.

Boston Terriers and their Funny Faces

That derp face says it all! Those eyes know so many secrets or...maybe they're plotting on something wicked? Say, raiding your kitchen or something? Boston Terriers' antics are hilarious and they're also extremely expressive! Check this other article out for more Boston terrier pictures that are nothing but meme-worthy!

This little one definitely did not see it coming that they're gonna be the designated Santa mascot for the celebration! Just look at their surprised face!

Sleepy Boston Terriers

These dogs really look like angels when they sleep but do not be fooled by their faces! They also snore so loudly in their sleep so if you're the designated cuddle buddy of your Boston terrier, you'll definitely have a snoring competition with them!

Boston Terriers are so cute and angelic right? This terrier breed wouldn't be considered as one of the most popular breeds if it weren't for their innate charm after all!

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