10 Hilarious Pictures of Boston Terriers Every Dog Owner Can Relate To

Boston Terriers may look rough and gruff but don't let their sour faces fool you! This terrier breed is considered as the most affectionate and hilarious dogs, you'll definitely laugh out loud with their antics. According to the American Kernel Club, they are defined with three words: friendly, bright, and amusing! Their also incredibly expressive and whether they are guilty (of eating your secret stash of sweets!) or jealous with another dog for your attention, you will surely see it written all over their faces.

Here we will show you some laugh out loud relatable pictures of Boston Terriers every dog owner will attest to!

Oh yes, the dreaded gassy problem. Boston Terriers are known for their incredible farting techniques and if you're a pet owner of these furballs you definitely have your fair share of experience. We bet you have a ton of air fresheners in stock just for this!

I mean you really can't blame them checking the tissue rollers! They probably just want to help you out solve their gassy problems this time. Just look at that guilty, er scratch that, innocent look they're giving you!

Yup, they're literally just chilling down there at the fridge! Totally makes sense right? Nothing suspicious there at all.

Wanna play ball? Boston terriers are not just only possessive of your attention but also toys!

Gym anyone? This workout position is quite familiar to all of us though! Boston Terriers really are the fitness inspiration we all needed.

Oopsie daisy. Take your eyes off that cutie furball across the road quickly! Boston terriers are always on the lookout for prospective competitors for your attention!

You definitely might have encountered this scene way too many times. Once they start to avoid you suddenly out of the blue, it would really be a good chance to check on the kitchen or garage! Guilty as charged!

Cuddles anyone? Rainy seasons and winters are one of the best times to snuggle in bed with your Boston Terrier! But don't be fooled, no matter the season they will totally be up for some surprise hugs every night and will probably disturb you more with their loud snores!

Like we said before, cuddles are their love language! Boston Terriers are the only monster under your bed that you will wholeheartedly welcome. Not to mention those big pleading eyes, they totally know how to seduce you so they can get some bed space right away!

They may be energetic and can seem to play all day long but these furballs will instantly fall asleep once they get the chance to just plop on the couch. Also, keep in mind that Boston terriers are prone to overheating so always make sure that they don't overexert themselves no matter how much they use their beautiful eyes on you!

Boston terriers really are hilarious dogs with their incredibly expressive faces and crazy antics! Learn more about Boston Terrier's temperament and personality to see more of their unique sides you definitely want to see (if you don't own one!).

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